How to Install Nest Thermostat and Review

Living in the northeast, a heating bill can be a high expense during the winter months. Having gas hot water baseboard heating is a cost efficient method as opposed to an electrical system, but there are additional ways to further save on your energy bill. A thermostat is used to control your heating/cooling needs of your home. A Nest Thermostat allows for a homeowner to control their heating/cooling needs remotely from a smartphone! When I purchased my first home, a nest thermostat was one of my first purchases!

Nest is a company with a line of smart home devices that sync together to bring the ultimate smart home experience. They have a thermostat, security camera and smoke/CO alarm. This is a how to guide on installing the nest thermostat in your home.

Nest Thermostat Installation

Nest gives you a small screwdriver that has a philips head on one end and a flat head in the other. The small flat head comes in handy when taking the wires out of your old thermostat.

Here are the steps to installing your nest thermostat:

Turn off power to the thermostat at the breaker box

Make sure to turn off the power before you take off your old thermostat. When disconnecting your thermostat make sure that your old thermostat is not a 120v or 240v. If that is the case then the Nest thermostat will not be compatible. If you’re not sure, the wires need to be tiny. They are much thinner than your regular electrical wires. There is a picture of mine below.

Disconnect wires from old thermostat

Make sure to label each wire when disconnecting them from your old thermostat. Depending on if the thermostat controls both heat and cooling will decide on how many wires you have coming out of the wall.

Connecting Nest Thermostat

The nest thermostat comes with a decorative white plate that you may install if you wish. You can see mine below has the plate installed. Always pre-mark screw holes before drilling into your wall.

Next you want to screw top screw of the thermostat onto your wall and pull the wires through. Connect the wires to the ports to which they are labeled. Then use the leveler on the thermostat before you screw in the bottom screw.

Connecting Nest Thermostat Face

Once you have secured the nest thermostat, pop on the face plate cover. This is the display piece of the thermostat. The thermostat is controlled by twisting the thermostat and pushing it inward to select a menu. (This took me a few minutes to get the hang of at first)

Final Step – Turn on Breaker

The final step is to turn back on the breaker that controls the nest thermostat. The thermostat will automatically startup and begin the installation process. Follow along with the directions to successfully complete the process, make sure to connect the thermostat to wifi for the best experience.


  • Make sure the breaker is turned on that controls the thermostat.
  • Make sure the wires are inserted into the back plate of the nest thermostat far enough.

Nest Thermostat Review

My nest thermostat has been installed for over a month and the results are impressive. Having the ability to control the temperature of my home from anywhere using the Nest app and my phone is impressive. Whether I forgot to shut off the heat or want to come home to a warm house after work, you have the ability to do so with the nest thermostat.

A nice feature is that when you first start using the nest thermostat, it begins to understand your daily patterns. It has a sensor that detects when someone walks by the thermostat which illuminates the screen. Over time it will keep track of your schedule so that it will drop to a default temperature when you are not around. Another interesting feature is that the thermostat will notify you if a selected temperature is in the eco category.

The thermostat comes with a price tag of $249, which ranks it at the top of the smart thermostats on the market. I have no experience with the other thermostats but have had zero complaints with the nest. According to the Nest website, their smart thermostat saves about $140 a year on heating/cooling costs. This means the thermostats pays for itself in under two years, something your average thermostat does not do!

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Any questions or comments about the nest thermostat or other smart home ideas just comment below!

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