Numbers Behind Rehabbing Pensacola

Cash Flow Cash flow is king for a rental property or at least in my eyes. Investors have different reasons for investing in rental properties and their requirements for a “good” property vary. Investors sometimes prefer for a property that has large equity. Some prefer properties that will hopefully over time increase in value. The […]

Pensacola – The Rehab Process

From the pictures below, Pensacola was a great first investment property. It showed that even in a home’s worst condition, it can be revived to it’s former glory. The home had a great skeleton and foundation. Also the location of the home was prime rental territory. Walking into Pensacola for the first time after closing […]

Where do I Start on the Rehab

Closing on Pensacola took place on a Friday night in April. Then Saturday morning at 7:30 sharp the wood paneling started to come down. With my sister, mother and father ready with hammers in hand the process of rehabbing a home would quickly become a reality. Where do I start on the rehab quickly became […]

Offer Accepted, Closing on Pensacola

Offer Is Accepted The feeling of getting your first offer accepted on a property is like no other. Finally, your first property is within arm’s reach but it could be a few weeks or a couple months before you are officially the owner of the property. Closing on the first flip is closer than you […]

Finding Pensacola

It was the winter of 2015 and the time to start looking for my first investment property had begun. A buy and hold property was what I was looking for but if I came across the perfect flip property then I would go the flipping route. Being flexible in your plans is something I have […]

How I Found Pensacola

I can think back to sometime in the fall of 2014 when I was a young educator who recently started my first teaching position at a local high school and was trying to come up with ways to increase my income in a mainly passive way. Real estate investing was something that was not totally […]