Determining a Savings Goal to Increase Savings

How much would you like to have as your savings goal by the end of 2017? Maybe $10K, $5K or simply $1K? The amount you save a year is important but the percentage of your income that you save is the valuable figure. Savings Goal Most people answer a question regarding a savings goal with […]

How to Install Nest Thermostat and Review

Living in the northeast, a heating bill can be a high expense during the winter months. Having gas hot water baseboard heating is a cost efficient method as opposed to an electrical system, but there are additional ways to further save on your energy bill. A thermostat is used to control your heating/cooling needs of […]

What is a FHA Loan? Purchasing a First Home

What is a FHA loan? Purchasing a first home may be easier than you think. The purchaser of a home is required to have 20% of the purchase price to use as a down payment on a traditional mortgage. On a $200,000 purchase you would be required to have $40,000 to put down on the […]

Offer Accepted, Closing on Pensacola

Offer Is Accepted The feeling of getting your first offer accepted on a property is like no other. Finally, your first property is within arm’s reach but it could be a few weeks or a couple months before you are officially the owner of the property. Closing on the first flip is closer than you […]

Determine Financial Goals to Understand Personal Finance

Financial Goals Goals according to Google are “A desired result or possible outcome that a person or system envisions.” Simply put a goal is something ​that we want.  Innate human desires requires us to have tasks we want to accomplish, thus making everyone have goals. Whether it be a financial, personal, professional or leisure goal, […]

Developing Efficient Simple Budgets

Budgeting 101 Budgeting is a topic that causes many people to cringe and it is a vital piece of financial knowledge that is often neglected. To create a budget you do not need to have a strong financial understanding, only a good understanding of your own finances. When developing efficient simple budgets, your goals should […]

Cost Efficient Kitchen Remodel

Using an FHA loan to acquire my second investment property meant owner-occupying was the only option. Not the worst idea since moving out of your parent’s house has to happen sooner or later. The kitchen of the home was in perfect condition and if it was going to be a rental property then the kitchen […]

Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation Kit

Buying new cabinets will never be a cheap decision but sometimes it is required when your cabinets have reached the end of the their lifetime. Cabinets that are in good condition but need a face lift should just be given new life. The Rustoleum cabinet transformation kit is a perfect way to do just that […]

Hard Money Lenders for Investment Properties

​​Hard Money Lenders for Investment Properties When people hear the term hard money lenders, they tend to associate them with a loan shark or something along those lines. To me, a hard money lender (HML) is nothing more than an alternative way of purchasing investment properties. Even though they may come with a bad stigma, […]